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  • Global income
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  • Robust technical enterprise platform built on Microsoft Azure. An exchange and a wallet.
  • Unique model providing Affiliates with possibility of extra seats for the final

Pre-Launch Benefits!

You will automatically receive a Bronze status for joining Wiikli during the Pre-Launch period
Included is an extra level of commission for QWP, SC and SBC – Level 5
Be part of and enjoying building the base of Wiikli
No further qualification needed to keep the Bronze status
If Charity projects is one of your Passions your suggestion can be one of the first to be realized through Edvin Foundation


  • Every week, Wiikli arranges a quiz with global themes.
  • Small stakes (from 1 EURO).
  • Qualification round Monday – Wednesday with 3 questions.
  • Randomised selection process to reach the final.
  • Finals on Thursday evening in your local time.
  • Many final tables. 6 of 9 at each table wins.


  • We pay Affiliates for referring real customers.
  • Everyone can participate worldwide. The market is gigantic.
  • Unilevel: Every Affiliate has the same chance to grow their business.
  • Highly interesting Compensation Plan.
  • We offer 3 different payment solutions: Aerapay, Skrill and Neteller
  • Wiikli offers recurring global income and a continuous flow of releases with new quiz competitions.
  • Wiikli Academy: Become a certified Affiliate


Quiz Platform

Affiliate program with recurring commission. Get the advantage by building your foundation now



I have been involved in many pre-launches and start-ups over the past 20 years. Geir-Ove has the winning formula. He offers an in demand mass market product, a rock solid admin and software support and, most importantly a hugely impressive, experienced management team. Watch this fly!

Steve Hall


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